non-skid Marine Flooring

The days of slippery boat floors are long gone!



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GatorStep Non-Skid Mats

Tired of your boat deck constantly feeling like a slip-and-slide? Regain traction with GatorStep non-skid marine flooring! GatorStep was designed to look great, work well, and last over the long-haul. 

Choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns to customize a look that perfectly suits you! - You can even add logos!

Only manufacturer using 3m adhesive backing. Adhesive will not stay on surface when it is removed.

  • Simple peel-and-stick installation

  • Built-in UV inhibitors to endure long sun exposure

  • Extremely Durable

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Customizable look


Flooring Materials Available:

With us, you can choose to:

1. Order through us and pattern and/or install yourself

We provide video tutorials to make it a breeze.


2. We can pattern and install for you

Be in and out without lifting a finger.


We respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days.